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Consuming Pets (06:43)


Doctor Peter Li explains the evolution of the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. He and David Pilling compare consuming farmed animals with unregulated animals. Grace Ge Gabriel confirms that canines are stolen from families; activists intercept truckloads of stolen animals every year.

Illegal Products (08:04)

China has the largest ivory market. Surveys reveal most Chinese do not know ivory comes from dead elephants. Li discusses flaws in wildlife protection laws; some animals are killed for medicine.

Transforming Attitudes (06:45)

If China institutes strong laws, demand for poached animals will drastically reduce; Pilling suggests educating school children. Xi Jinping prohibits consumption of shark fin soup at state banquets, minimizing its popularity. Li asserts that panda protection efforts are not indicative of overall wildlife conservation.

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On China: Animal Welfare

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Animal Welfare In the June episode of ON CHINA, CNN’s Kristie Lu Stout will take a closer look at China’s animal welfare and wild life conservation with her guests: Grace Ge Gabriel, Director of IFAW Asia, David Pilling, Asia Editor-in-Chief of the Financial Times and Dr. Peter Li, China Policy Specialist of International Humane Society.

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