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Economic Output (05:40)


Ananth Krishnan explains the relativity of Gross Domestic Product statistics; it does not accurately compare growth. Haiyan Wang asserts China’s manufacturing capabilities, supply chains, and marketing connections are too vast for India to compete. Narendra Modi encourages foreign investment and diversification of services.

Cosmic Race (02:36)

China launches its first unmanned mission, after India's Mars orbiter. Space exploration is not necessarily indicative of overall technological progression. Wang states those advancements are about the nation building a Superpower image.

Leadership Comparison (06:14)

Experts compare Modi with Xi Jinping; both are strong decision makers capable of transforming their nations. India’s prime minister is a product of democracy and deals with more bureaucracy. China’s executive leader has more direct power.

Political Relationships (06:43)

India grants the Dalai Lama political asylum. Krishnan explains how boundary disputes create a trust deficit. Wang states that trade between China and India is on the rise; they have complimentary resources.

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On China: India and China

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India, the world's largest democracy, is on track to outpace China in its economic output this year. Is India the next growth miracle? And what lessons is it learning from China's development? Kristie Lu Stout sits down with China CEO of Infosys Rangarajan Vellamore, Managing Partner of the China India Institute Wang Haiyan and China Correspondent of India Today Ananth Krishnan to examine the strengths and the weaknesses of the two countries.

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