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Restricted Content (02:28)


China’s internet market is prohibitive, with a broad definition for taboo subjects. The country controls information through platform systems, and the Great Firewall, blocking access to foreign websites. Lokman Tsui credits the government with getting 650,000,000 citizens online.

Circumventing Barriers (04:37)

Bill Bishop suggests avoiding immediate censorship by posting restricted content on JPEGs and GIFS; Rife asserts that many speak and write in code. Encryption VPN technology is a favorite tool for accessing forbidden websites. The government aligns business interests with politics.

Control Mechanics (06:03)

Keywords and web addresses filter information; encrypted data is blocked. Lu Wei pushes the sovereignty model to control cyberspace within China’s borders. Tsui and Bishop discuss impacts of economic improvements and crackdowns on government corruption.

Market Compliance (06:04)

Google backed out of the Chinese market; other agencies have embraced the regime. Bishop asserts that if you want to do business in China, you must follow their rules. Tsui feels companies put government interests before users when they fail to offer standard transparency.

Hypothetical Freedom (02:17)

Tsui hopes China will see citizens as a resource. Bishop feels censorship is embedded in the Communist model; it must change before opening the internet. Rife asserts that free speech and media benefits civil society on many levels.

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On China: Censorship

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This month On China delves into the issue of Censorship in China - what's taboo in the country, and what’s not? We explore how netizens in China are working around banned content, President’s Xi’s stance on “internet sovereignty” and what the greater impact is on a thriving global internet market.

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