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Civil Disobedience Motivators (05:42)


Glacier Kwong states that some group members disobey parents to protest. She and Joshua Wong discuss social, economic, and political reasons for the Umbrella Revolution. Electoral candidates are selected by Beijing; Hong Kong’s booming economy benefits the wealthy, while wage gaps increase.

Generation Gap (07:20)

Adults want stability. Lee Cheuk-Yan believes Hong Kong protests benefit mainland Chinese. Wong and Kwong discuss grades of radicalism within their peer group, comparing differences to those between Malcolm X and Martin Luther King.

Goals and Government (05:41)

Kwong believes democracy is about personal accountability; Wong sees open elections as the only way to dismiss bad politicians. International attention and influencing public opinion will create watch dogs and help Hong Kong attain universal suffrage.

Hong Kong's Future (02:17)

By 2047, Cheuk-Yan wants universal suffrage and harmonious co-existence with China, evolving into democracy for the mainland. Kwong hopes to see Hong Kong turn into a city-state. Wong desires open elections and expansion of free speech and rule of law.

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On China: Occupy Generation

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In the fall of 2014, a youth movement in Hong Kong staged the biggest political challenge to China since the Tiananmen Square uprising in 1989. Mass student-led protests occupied major streets in the heart of the city for 79 days, calling for democratic open elections. Since its handover from Britain to China in 1997, Hong Kong has been governed under the principle of "One Country, Two Systems," giving it freedoms unseen in the mainland. Still, Beijing says Hong Kong can only vote for chief executive candidates that are pre-screened. The city's youth movement signals a political awakening of a new generation. Who are they? And what are their goals and challenges ahead? Kristie Lu Stout explores what's become known as the "Occupy Generation."

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