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Big Market (06:24)


Judy Chan predicts growing sales for China’s wines; she and Simon Zhou discuss gift giving and consumer cultures driving the industry. Fongyee Walker reports increases in palate discoveries by her students. Chinese are buying for status and social experiences.

Cultivating and Crafting Conditions (06:42)

China is known for limited arable land and short growing seasons; many regions can produce grapes. Chan advises vintners to concentrate on what to grow and experiment. Walker discusses progress in clean wines and international hygiene standards.

Vineyard Futures (08:26)

China’s sustainable wine market is new; Walker hopes to see more Chinese labels reach international palates. Zhou confirms China is not a drinking culture, and feels wine will never be as popular as in Europe. Producing a top tier product will take more time.

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On China: Wine

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China is now the world’s largest market for red wine, home to a growing middle-class exploring new tastes and discovering labels beyond Bordeaux. While big multinational brands are setting up shop, and international vintners try to win their share of the market, Chinese winemakers are working to find their own identity: what grapes to grow in which region, and how to make clean, drinkable wine. But they’re up against some major challenges, including a short growing season and a tough climate. On China is on location at Grace Vineyard in Shanxi Province. In a country where uncorking a bottle doesn’t have a place in mainstream culture, what will it take for wine to break through? And when will Chinese winemakers produce world-class wine that can compete with their international counterparts? Join Kristie Lu Stout and her team of experts as they explore China’s wine opportunity.

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