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Transitioning Perceptions (07:13)


Thomas Bach discusses China's connections with international communities resulting from hosting the Olympic Games. Yang Yang has seen interests rise in winter sports. Tom Byer describes historical attitudes toward physical education; Sheng Li lists the benefits of athletics.

Elite and Grass Roots Athletes (04:40)

Yang is the winner of China’s first Winter Olympics gold medal. She describes training and stresses, and asserts that winning is an athlete’s primary objective. Byer claims that children participate in athletics for fun. Panelists agree that defeat is a valuable learning experience.

Independent Athletes (03:29)

Li describes a lack of resources for athletes turning professional; China is still learning about sponsorship and promotion. Stout discusses tennis champion Li Na and government support; star athletes give a human face to the nation. Na and Yang serve as role models and ambassadors.

Physical Education (03:51)

Coach Carlos Rodriguez describes Chinese attitudes toward athletics. Byer asserts that physical activities benefit children and parents should not expect to create elite competitors. Budding athletes should do their best; experience is more important than result.

Transforming Attitudes (02:18)

To instill a sporting culture in China, Li suggests more grass roots competitions and school programs. Byers believes children should be encouraged to participate, and awarded for effort. Bach emphasizes teaching the value of athletics to parents and society.

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Over 3,500 young athletes from around the world have gathered in Nanjing for the Youth Olympic Games. With Beijing 2008 in the rearview mirror, and China's bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics on the not-too-distant horizon, CNN takes the show on the road for an in-depth look at the power of sport in China. From the next generation of young emerging athletes and sports-stars-to-be, to how sport is shaping China's role on the global stage, Kristie Lu Stout and her panel of experts take you inside what it means to be an athlete in today's China.

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