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Travel Growth Surge (06:27)


China's outbound tourism has increased, the country is more connected, and citizens dream of travel abroad. Jane Sun describes a $200,000 package sold on her online booking site; adventure vacations and non-traditional destinations have become more popular.

Negative Tourism Reputation (07:19)

Martin Rinck asserts that all cultures display different habits and tourists must learn expectations; his hotels include education programs to avoid taboos. Sun and Chen Xu defend the Chinese government's 64 page instructional manual for outbound travelers.

Rising Travel Industry (07:14)

Chinese spend more on shopping; the United Arab Emirates has increased luggage limits. The Hilton's "Welcome Program" offers culturally friendly features; Sun's company rates hotels. Competing in the market requires welcoming change and providing language services.

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On China: Outbound Tourism

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CNN's flagship monthly feature program dedicated to covering China takes on one of the hottest global topics: the surge of Chinese tourists across Asia and around the world. From the government's guidelines for how Chinese travelers should and shouldn't behave, to investment opportunities for those looking to get in on a burgeoning business, find out how the modern Chinese tourist is shaping the world we live in today.

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