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Mobiles: Story and Operating Systems (04:54)


China is the second largest technology developer in the world, with 500,000,000 smart phone users. Hugo Barra asserts cultural connections and relationship building are essential for selling to Chinese. Google and Android enable small manufacturers to innovate hardware.

Mobiles: Apps (07:06)

Experts discuss running start-up companies in China. QQ is the primary messaging system in China. Andy Tian and Tina Tao describe socially relevant innovations; Didi is a ride-sharing program built to accommodate local culture and infrastructure.

Start-Up Companies (03:05)

Tao and Barra discuss difficulties of getting financial backing. Eight million Chinese graduate from university annually; talent pools for technology companies are large and young engineers seek innovative work.

Political and Cultural Influences (06:42)

China promotes technological innovations for international clout. Authorities and app companies censor social media; all countries have illegal internet subjects. Young people are more likely to enter technology fields; Tao believes Chinese platforms will go global.

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On China: Tech

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Kristie Lu Stout is in Beijing as we take a look at the China's mobile internet frontier. We sit down with Hugo Barra, the VP of Xiaomi Global, Andy Tian, the Co-Founder and CEO of Asia Innovations, and Tina Tao, COO & Partner of Innovation works, to find out about the trending and leading players of China's tech market, analyze the challenges they face to succeed, and explore the next big thing in China's innovation.

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