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Creating Consumer Economy (04:29)


Tang Min describes China's rapid development. Jim McGregor and Peggy Liu discuss the Hukou housing registration system. Li Keqiang's Urbanization Policy is motivated by money and focused on making urban areas more accommodating to turn farmers into consumers.

Coping With Sustained Growth (03:20)

Min and Kristie Lu Stout discuss employment and housing issues of mass migration; slums may occur if populations continue to rise. Farmers move to urban areas for employment. The Hukou housing registration is more readily available in satellite cities.

Environmental Issues (06:46)

City construction requires resources and energy; coal is China's main power source. McGregor explains corruption's impact on infrastructure and acknowledges recent improvements. The government is focused on reducing atmospheric pollution; Ma Yanson proposes converting Tienanmen Square to forest.

Shifting Political Focus (03:56)

McGregor and Min discuss corruption and the real estate bubble creating "Ghost Cities." There is no real estate tax in China; the wealthy invest in developments. Stout discusses the nation's tendency toward superlative structures; Liu asserts this showcases local government accomplishments.

Domestic Planners and International Designers (02:38)

Min advises developers to build structures for new migrants; Liu asserts that China needs "human scale" designs. McGregor explains middle class opportunities; he suggests a real estate tax and freeing deposit rates to strengthen the housing economy.

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It's China's plan to guarantee its economic future: the movement of hundreds of millions people from rural areas to cities and their transition from from farmers into consumers. And while China is building bigger and faster, Premier Li Keqiang says he wants the urbanization drive to focus more on people's needs and to be environmentally-friendly. The government has pledged much-needed reforms of the Hukuo, or household registration system, to allow new migrants to receive benefits in their new homes, as the current system ties them to their place of birth. But can the Party guarantee that those making the move will find jobs? And can China go beyond highways and skyscrapers to create neighborhoods that are livable and affordable? Join CNN's Kristie Lu Stout in Shanghai for a discussion about the challenges of China's big move to city life. Her guests this month: James McGregor, author, journalist, and Chairman of consultancy APCO Worldwide; Peggy Liu, Chairperson of JUCCCE, a Shanghai based non-profit dedicated to the greening of China; and Tang Min, Economic Adviser to the State Council, China's cabinet and former Chief Economist of the Asian Development Bank.

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