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YK Pao School (06:04)


The Shanghai school ranks first internationally. Andreas Schleicher states the Chinese system educates students well, in spite of income; Jiang Xueqin credits success to student and community engagement. Andrea Pasinetti believes the school's results will be replicated throughout China.

Gaokao (05:55)

Rote learning is the basis of China's education system, but approaches are changing. National curriculum is consistent and based on test results; success guarantees college entrance. The National College Entrance Examination is important to Chinese culture and a status symbol.

Income Inequality and Education (08:24)

Schleicher asserts that poor children in China have better access to good education than anywhere else. Experts argue the impact of widespread poverty on school systems. The government offers incentives for well-trained teachers to move to rural, impoverished areas.

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On China: Education

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It's been called the world's best school system. For the second time in a row, students in China's richest city, Shanghai, have come in at number one in the OECD’s Program for International Student Assessment (PISA). But in the rest of China, where millions sweat through on the world's most competitive college entrance exams, the education system is still criticized for placing too much emphasis on memorization and not independent thinking. This month On China is in Shanghai. Kristie Lu Stout meets PISA Head Andreas Schleicher, Deputy Principal of Tsinghua University High School Jiang Xueqin, and Teach for China founder Andrea Pasinetti. Together they explore China's classrooms - from the country's affluent cities to its impoverished rural regions - and question whether China can replicate Shanghai's education success across the nation.

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