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Rise Of Individuality (03:55)


Experts discuss Shanghai fashion sense; Chris Chang explains regional differences in styles. Kristie Lu Stout, Andrew Keith, and Hung Huang assert that President Xi Jinping's anti-corruption campaign has been positive for the industry.

Made In China (03:35)

Modern Chinese are eager to rediscover their culture and embrace individuality. Chang feels the international community views Chinese fashion as novelty. Keith asserts that designers are ready to take on the global stage.

Establishment and Marketing (05:05)

China's fashion industry is new and is a difficult business to enter. Chang and Huang suggest that young designers study abroad to understand its competitiveness; Chinese education focuses on manufacture. Keith believes putting story and vision into context will promote sales in the West.

Fashion Influences (02:43)

Peng Liyuan wears Chinese designed clothing to international events. Stout compares her to other political fashion icons, but Keith asserts Liyuan's intent is to support her nation's stylists. Helen Lee breaks from tradition, and is known for her use of color and urban sensibility.

Business Advice (05:50)

Most Chinese designers are not internationally known. Keith and Chang discuss the importance of individuality in global context. Financial backing as essential to breaking into the industry; Huang suggests designers study Western models.

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On China: Fashion and Style

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Her fashion choices put Chinese design firmly on the map. Peng Liyuan, the wife of Chinese President Xi Jinping, may be promoting Chinese fashion by wearing it, but when it comes to developing modern Chinese style, the industry is forging ahead on its own. China's designers are drawing their inspiration from thousands of years of history and refitting it for modern-day life. But they're also struggling to gain the training and experience to create apparel that can actually sell at home and abroad. Meanwhile, retailers are contending with a fashion market more attuned to high-end international labels than local brands. Join Kristie Lu Stout in Shanghai for a look at the designers and retailers who are helping redefine what it means to be "Made in China." Her guests this month: Chris Chang, Founder and Creative Director of Poesia, a Shanghai-based women's clothing line; Hung Huang, founder of Brand New China, the Beijing-based concept store; and Andrew Keith, President of luxury retailer Lane Crawford.

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