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Major Earth Impact Event (03:00)


A 10 km asteroid colliding with Earth would create a 50-mile-wide crater. It would utterly devastate all life, create earthquakes, start fires, and perhaps ultimately destroy life on Earth.

Asteroids and Comets: Sources of Life (02:52)

Asteroids and comets brought to Earth much of the organic material and water that allowed subsequent life to form. More than 160 impact craters have been identified, the largest of which is the Chicxulub crater--110 miles in diameter.

In Search of Asteroids (02:15)

NASA's Near Earth Objects (NEO) Program watches for asteroids that pose threats to Earth. Found early enough, these asteroids could be stopped by technology developed for that purpose.

Asteroids: Threat to Earth (04:52)

Scientists watch asteroids to discover which ones are near the earth and which are moving away. Within 5 million miles an asteroid becomes a threat to Earth. Scientists watch Apophis, as it is large enough to make a catastrophic impact.

How to Stop Armageddon: Mitigation (02:53)

Preventing a massive Earth impact can be accomplished by neutralizing a near Earth object before it collides with Earth. Blowing up an asteroid is the worst possible scenario because many pieces of asteroids could be a great threat.

How to Stop Armageddon: Deflection (05:22)

A safer way to prevent an asteroid from causing catastrophic damage to Earth is by deflection. Deflection tactics cause the object to pass by the Earth. Early detection is essential.

Tactics to Avoid Armageddon (07:51)

Among the proposals for protecting Earth from a catastrophic impact are nuclear blasts, solar sails that reflect sunlight, and super-lasers.

Gravity Tractor (06:57)

Designed by two former astronauts, the gravity tractor may be the safest and most efficient way to prevent Armageddon. The gravity tractor is able to slowly shift an asteroid's trajectory enough to keep it from impacting Earth.

Stopping Armageddon: Who Makes the Decision? (06:31)

Who makes the decision when to act against a threatening space object? Currently, 5000 space objects have been found. Within a decade, scientists may find a million or more.

Credits: Stopping Armageddon (00:35)

Credits: Stopping Armageddon

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