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Sex and Intimacy in Weightless Environment (06:55)


Sexual intimacy in weightlessness is challenging. A couple tests special garments aimed at helping people having sex in space by keeping them together in a "two-suit."

Animal Reproduction Studies in Space (04:43)

In a weightless environment human bones lose calcium, and the heart, muscles, blood, and plasma lose mass. Another challenge is high energy radiation. Animal reproduction in space reveals certain abnormalities in offspring.

Sex in Zero Gravity (02:00)

Male astronauts often report prolonged erections in a micro-gravity. Some studies show that sexual desire decreases in weightlessness. Long-term exposure to space radiation could damage male and female reproductive glands.

Fertilization and Fetal Development in Space (05:54)

If and when fertilization takes place, will the developing embryo have normal cell division? Gravity is essential in fetal organ development--without it, abnormalities are inevitable. Babies born in space would have difficulty on Earth.

Earth: Single-Point Failure (06:14)

Humans should get off the planet because a single catastrophic event could make Earth a single-point failure. Many people believe fertilization and birth in space is a priority for the survival of the human race.

Sex: Taboo Topic at NASA (04:30)

At NASA, sex is a taboo topic. No one admits to having sex in space. NASA does not openly forbid sexual relations; it simply assumes that astronauts will sublimate sexual desire.

Sex in Space (04:44)

Sex in space comes with certain advantages and disadvantages. The physics of micro-gravity sex complicate physical coupling. Scientists and engineers design restraint systems for space sex.

Private Space Industry (03:02)

Americans realized that common people were not going to be part of space travel, so they turned their attention elsewhere. Virgin Airlines' Richard Branson plans commercial flights to the edge of space--62 miles up.

Space Tourism (04:29)

One day there might be super-yachts in orbit around Earth where entertainment would include games, drinking, fun, and sex. To facilitate couples wanting to have sex, a "snuggle tunnel" would keep partners contained.

Credits: Sex in Space (00:29)

Credits: Sex in Space

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Sex in Space

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This program probes the physiological, psychological, and cultural challenges of sex in space as it looks at how the extreme environments of space exploration might affect intercourse, conception, and human tissue development. Distributed by A&E Television Networks. A part of the series The Universe. (45 minutes)

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