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Matter Transporter (09:12)


As desirable as a "Star Trek" transporter is, the energy required to turn a human into pure energy equals 41 nuclear bombs. In his discussion of quantum entanglement, Einstein refers to "spooky matter."

Black Holes (06:50)

Science fiction relies on black holes for their power to annihilate anything and everything. In science fact, people worry that if subatomic particles travel fast enough, they could potentially create a black hole on Earth.

End of Earth (01:30)

The destruction of the earth is a popular topic in science fiction. "Armageddon," a film about an asteroid on target to destroy Earth, is not scientifically accurate.

Terraforming (03:59)

Terraforming is the science fiction concept of making an uninhabitable environment such as Mars capable of sustaining human life. Science facts reveal the near impossibility of such a transformation.

Ships to the Stars (06:01)

Humans have made contact with planets in the Earth's solar system with satellites. Interstellar travel would require speeds greater than the light speed; scientists agree that is an impossibility.

Calling Out to the Universe (01:28)

Humans have broadcast their presence to the universe. Is anyone out there listening? Science fiction is full of stories about what happens when aliens arrive on Earth.

Alien Invasions (05:15)

From earliest science fiction, alien invasions stories have recurred with remarkable frequency. Earth has broadcast radio waves for nearly a century, covering a sphere of 90 light years radius without any response.

Future Weapons (01:56)

What will humans use to defend themselves against alien invaders? Science fiction is full of hand-held weapons used against aliens. Military projects harness the power of microwaves or electricity to render victims harmless, not dead.

Time Travel (04:57)

Time travel is possible according to Albert Einstein and Dr. Emmet Brown, inventor of the "flux capacitor" in the film "Back to the Future." Einstein's travel only goes in one direction, the future. Time travel would require massive energy.

Communications: Science Trumps Science Fiction (02:02)

Many tales of science fiction missed the mark about personal communication devices and computer technology. Science has outpaced science fiction in the arena of communications.

Credits: Science Fiction, Science Fact (00:33)

Credits: Science Fiction, Science Fact

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Beaming from point to point, traveling at warp speeds: fiction or fact? In this program, researchers prepare to test a transporter and physicists reevaluate the fundamental rules of the universe to see if there is a way around the cosmic speed limit. Distributed by A&E Television Networks. A part of the series The Universe. (45 minutes)

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