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Theories of Parallel Universes (03:23)


There may be four types of parallel universe. Data from outer space gives humankind a new look at cosmology. String theory and quantum physics suggest that there could be parallel universes.

Cosmic Inflation: Infinite Universe (05:06)

Physicists divide parallel universes into different levels. Level 1 parallel universe theory is based on the infinite size of the universe. Inflation accounts for how the universe suddenly and massively grew after its inception.

Shape of the Universe: Flat (03:14)

The universe could be infinite, but first it must be shown to be perfectly flat. Because the universe inflated so quickly and enormously, it might only appear flat. Images from the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe may reveal the true shape of the universe.

Parallel Universes: Cosmic Soap Bubbles (03:59)

A level 2 parallel universe is thought to be made up of giant cosmic soap bubbles that float in hyperspace. Within each level 2 parallel universe is an infinite number of level 1 universe.

Theory of Everything (02:05)

One cohesive theory of everything would be a "marriage" of Einstein's general theory of relativity and quantum physics.

String Theory (01:17)

String theory promised to solve all the problems of the universe, including whether or not parallel universes exist. In addition to strings involved in this physics, scientists found membranes and other extended objects that could vibrate.

M-Theory: Universe in 11 Dimensions (05:12)

Particles in the universe consist of vibrating membranes and vibrating strings. In order for M-theory to explain everything, the universe must be looked at as 11 different dimensions.

Level 3: The Many Worlds of Quantum Mechanics (05:35)

In the level 3 parallel universe, copies of the universe are "right here right now," living in the exact space and time. The Heisenberg Principle of Uncertainty accounts for the necessity of a particle to be two places at once.

Parallel Universes: Different Dimensions (02:05)

Quantum differences can rewrite history, creating multiple universes, each with wildly different outcomes--where anything and everything is possible.

Level 4 Parallel Universe (04:46)

The laws of physics are different in a level 4 parallel universe. Scientists look for the particle that carries gravity--a graviton. Work is carried out in the Tevatron, the most powerful proton-antiproton accelerator in the world.

Parallel Universes and Wormholes (03:51)

Can humankind open a portal to a parallel universe? Finding a tunnel to another world might one day save humanity. This tunnel is a wormhole connecting two universes.

Nanobots Save Humankind (02:08)

Humans billions of years in the future may launch into space nanobots carrying DNA and all the information necessary to create a parallel universe.

Credits: Parallel Universes (00:32)

Credits: Parallel Universes

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