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Life Beyond Earth? (02:08)


The universe is home to billions of galaxies and trillions of stars. Are Earthlings alone in the universe? Graphic artists create possibilities for the appearances of life beyond Earth.

Fantasy Planet Creatures (06:37)

The habitable zone in a solar system is the distance from a star where water can exist as a liquid on the surface. Liquid water is the basis for life to begin. On the fantasy planet, half the planet is in darkness and half in light. Life forms would evolve for survival in either place.

Animals Adapted to Heavy World Environment (03:34)

Science uses clues from life on Earth to create a data line for life elsewhere in the universe. The adaptations of complex alien life forms on planets with stronger gravity than on Earth can be understood by heavy animals like elephants and rhinoceroses.

Life Outside Earth's Solar System (03:41)

Physical environment shapes life. Forces such as gravity and atmospheric composition determine evolutionary changes on other types of worlds. In intense heat, life forms might develop thick shells.

Evolution of Flying Creatures (04:59)

A planet with stronger gravitational pull than on Earth would hold a thicker atmosphere--perfect for achieving flight. Giant flying organisms would thrive. Land creatures would develop shapes and hunting methods to adapt to strong gravity.

Planet with Weak Gravitational Pull (06:10)

On a hypothetical planet smaller than the Earth, gravity would be weaker. Such a planet would be cooler and more preserved than Earth. Jellyfish-like creatures would float through the air, dragging tentacles on the land surface.

Energy Forces Other than the Sun (04:47)

Certain underwater creatures thrive in very hot water--these creatures are called extremophiles. Life on Earth is due largely to its position in the solar system.

Planets of Ice and Oceans (04:04)

Even of planets covered with ice, oceans beneath the surface could be teeming with life. Creatures at all depths of the oceans would evolve with specific attributes for survival. Some creatures may evolve with electrical fields useful for stunning prey.

Life Based on Steel and Silicon (01:29)

Life on Earth is carbon-based. On distant worlds, the basics of life might be steel and silicon. Instead of life as Earthlings know it, the rulers of this distant planet would be machines.

Planet of Machines (04:49)

In a world where machines might one day be smarter than humans, humans might want to merge with their machines. One day, humans might actually become the machines themselves.

Credits: Alien Faces (00:35)

Credits: Alien Faces

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In this program, scientists, astrobiologists, and astronomers combine scientific fact and a little imagination to create five lines of extraterrestrial evolution and explain how creatures on the surface of Earth can offer a helping hand to understanding life on other planets. Distributed by A&E Television Networks. A part of the series The Universe. (45 minutes)

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