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What Is Addiction? (01:21)


An individual goes through withdrawal if addicted. It is a habitual destructive relationship with a substance and can be in the form of relationships, food, caffeine, drugs, or alcohol.

What Causes Addiction? (01:44)

Addictions can be a form of self-medication when postponing unwanted emotions or traumatic memories. The substance releases feel-good neurotransmitters.

What's the Solution? (02:24)

The five pillars of health include sleep, diet, exercise, outer life (relationship), and inner life (spirit). Individuals carry a 25% risk of having inherited mental health issues from our ancestors; epigenetics account for 75%. Take better care of yourself during difficult times

Rehab and Treatment (01:12)

Chemical underpinnings make it difficult for individuals to stop by themselves. Those afflicted need extensive support.

Body: Exercise, Diet, and More (07:06)

People are not genetically engineered to sit all day; yoga relaxes the body and cultivates nervous system flexibility. Experts recommend analyzing dopamine and serotonin support as well as a nutrient deficiency panel. Gluten or dairy sensitivities can contribute to mental health symptoms; Addictions can lead to vitamin B deficiencies and pyroluria.

Mind (07:04)

A person demonstrates destructive habits in their emotional and personal history. In order to move forward, individuals need to confront traumatic memories; grief is messy. Experts discuss how individuals become addicted to destructive substances through self-reinforcing cycles.

Spirit (07:25)

Meditation and mindfulness help control the mind. Find a method to nurture the soul and exercise regularly. Experts share why they prefer natural remedies over pharmaceutical drugs and surgeries.

Credits: Get Sober: Natural Remedies for Addiction - College and Youth Version (00:33)

Credits: Get Sober: Natural Remedies for Addiction - College and Youth Version

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Get Sober: Natural Remedies for Addiction - College and Youth Version

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This fast-paced, lively video examines powerful natural remedies for addiction and presents tips from best-selling authors, medical professionals, and experts in nutrition, exercise, meditation, and more. 

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