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What Is Depression? (01:15)


People suffering from clinical depression lose the capacity for daily functions. Symptoms include loss of motivation, lack of pleasure, fatigue, sadness, and functional difficulties.

What Causes Depression? (01:44)

Early trauma, diet, and lifestyle cause neurochemical imbalances. Malnutrition, electrolyte problems, poor sleep, lack of exercise, genetic predispositions, and life circumstances can cause depression.

Medication and Natural Remedies (04:02)

Psychiatry is over-focused on pharmacological treatment; 15-20% of patients exhibit full remission a year after using only medication. Sleep, diet, exercise, relationships, and spirit are the five pillars of health. Natural remedies include meditation and yoga.

Body: Exercise, Diet, and More (07:03)

People are not genetically engineered to sit all day; yoga relaxes the body and cultivates nervous system flexibility. Spending time in full spectrum light helps lift moods. Diet is the main controller of epigenetics.

Functional Medicine Testing: Gut, Allergies, and Nutritional Deficiencies (04:08)

Chronic depressive states affect gut ecology; eat more fruits and vegetables, and reduce sugars. Gluten or dairy sensitivities can contribute to mental health symptoms. Vitamin B deficiencies and pyroluria can lead to depressive states.

Natural Medicine (04:18)

Experts recommend Sam-e, Vitamin B, St. John's wort, 5-HTP, ketamine, and fish oils. Alternative medicine options include ketamine and homeopathy. Toxic or stagnant liver can cause depression.

Mind (02:28)

Psychotherapy can help provide alternative thoughts and reprogram an individual's brain. Disencumbrance from trauma may be necessary to heal. Grief is messy.

Spirit (08:59)

Meditation and mindfulness help control the mind. Study an individual's relationship with a depressive state; making a human connection can help ameliorate symptoms. Experts share why they prefer natural remedies over pharmaceutical drugs and surgeries.

Credits: Feel Good: Natural Remedies for Depression - College and Youth Version (00:38)

Credits: Feel Good: Natural Remedies for Depression - College and Youth Version

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Feel Good: Natural Remedies for Depression - College and Youth Version

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This fast-paced program looks at natural remedies for depression, providing valuable tips from best-selling authors, medical professionals, and experts in nutrition, exercise, meditation, and more. 

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