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Five Senses (05:29)


Vision is the sense that takes the longest to develop. Touch is important for survival, the immune system, and psychological well-being. Ears are complex and sensitive. Taste and smell are closely related.

Sight of a Fighter Pilot (05:18)

Aurelien Alenda was born with exceptional acuity. The pilot says that getting enough sleep, limiting screen use, and having a mixture of close and distant vision helps eyesight. From his jet he spots a specific target in the middle of the forest.

Sight of Artist (04:28)

Concetta Antico is a world-famous artist who is tetrachromatic and can see more color shades than most people. She explains what she sees while she paints a landscape in Australia. She gets enough vitamin A and spend time looking at colors in nature and in museums to improve color vision.

Hearing (05:09)

A man in Seoul, South Korea has what people call a golden ear; his specialty is fine tuning sounds from stereos, phones, and audio headsets. He takes a hearing test and says that people should avoid sounds that are too loud, use earplugs, and experience silence to improve their sense of hearing.

Birdsuit Flyer (08:35)

Geraldine Fasnacht is a wingsuit flyer who says she must use all her senses when she flies. She trained her sight by observing birds; she listens to the sound of the wind according to the incline of her body, and feels the air with her sense of touch. She measures her heartrate when she jumps from a helicopter to fly in her wingsuit.

Attraction to Scent (02:11)

There is a dating event in London where people smell each other’s clothing to see if they want to meet and go on a date. If someone is drawn to the scent of another’s t-shirt, he or she poses for a picture with it, and the t-shirt owner can decide if he or she wants to approach the smeller or not. Learn how the sense of smell works to attract mates.

Scent, Decisions, and Emotions (03:31)

Smell gives information about the immune system and ability to fight off illness; some people choose partners with a different immune system than theirs. In a lab, participants sit in a room while a scientist uses a diffuser to see if the smell will impact their decisions about desserts at lunch. People exposed to the pear scent chose the healthy dessert.

Scents Influence Purchases (01:43)

Odors drive purchasing behaviors, and retailers use diffusers to increase sales. Caroline Ardelet, a scent marketing specialist, says that pleasant fragrances influence impulse buying. She says it short circuits reasoning because it impacts people's emotions.

Taste (04:49)

Vanessa Lemoine has a palette that is so refined she can instantly identify hundreds of flavors. While blindfolded, she receives a perfect score when guessing all the ingredients on a dish. She developed and improved her sense of taste by attaching a memory or a picture to every flavor.

Chocolate Tasting (02:16)

Vanessa Lemoine judges chocolate for a living and says she first cracks the chocolate to liberate the aroma. Then, she lets it melt in her mouth, and while it is in her mouth, she breathes air in the through the mouth and out of the nose. The more people educate their palates, the more they will increase the ability to taste.

Balance (04:57)

Two men prepare to walk across a tightrope stretched over a canyon. Balance takes information from the inner ear, vision, and proprioception. Tightrope walking improves muscle tone, overcoming fear of heights, and in the prevention of falls.

Credits: Extraordinary Powers of the Human Body: Part 1 (00:00)

Credits: Extraordinary Powers of the Human Body: Part 1

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In the first episode of the series we meet people who can see, hear, touch, taste and smell in ways that the rest of us simply cannot. Through meeting an eagle-eyed fighter pilot, a man with some of the best hearing in the business, one of the world’s leading chocolate tasters, a tetrachromatic artist and some of the world’s top tight-rope walkers we will gain insight and understanding of how our senses work and how some people are able to experience the world in very different ways to the rest of us.

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