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Previously on "Roots" (01:55)


See a recap of Chicken George's story up to his son Tom's decision to help Union spies.

Roots: Tom Embarks on His Mission (04:33)

Tom begins to have faith that Kunta Kinte and other ancestors will guide him as he embarks on a dangerous mission. Tom and Jerusalem meet in the woods; the latter is wounded as the duo ambush Confederate soldiers.

Roots: Spies Executed (04:37)

Nancy is exposed after Jerusalem is caught and Frederick's men have searched her house. She confesses and expresses her belief that slavery is evil, but does not reveal Tom's name. Frederick orders Jerusalem hanged; he hangs his fiancé after she lessens Jerusalem's suffering by shooting him.

Roots: Massacre at Fort Pillow (06:19)

Chicken George and Cyrus have joined the Union Army. They participate in the Battle of Fort Pillow but aren't allowed guns. The duo escapes as Confederate victors gun down surrendering, black soldiers. Cyrus is shot.

Roots: Cyrus Loses an Arm (01:56)

George tells Cyrus a story about Kunta Kinte before amputating his maimed arm.

Roots: Emancipation (03:41)

The Civil War ends and the Murray slaves learn they are free. Matilda gives a moving speech, paying homage to friends and relatives who are no longer there.

Roots: George's Fate Revealed (04:08)

The newly freed slaves continue to work the fields for food but no pay. Cyrus shows up on Murray Farm, revealing that George has volunteered to help defend a black church against bushwhackers. Tom prepares to search for him.

Roots: Tom Finds George (03:45)

Tom has reached the Tennessee border two weeks later. The spirt of Kunta Kinte guides him to a burned down church where he finds his father, injured but alive.

Roots: Rejected by Union Soldiers (04:09)

George and Tom flee bushwhackers who fire on them during the journey home. They make it to the Union line but are initially spurned by soldiers who blame slaves for the war and President Lincoln's assassination; but they are allowed to enter camp after George passionately sells his son's skills as a blacksmith.

Roots: George and Tom Return (01:48)

Chicken George's family is elated as he and Tom return to Murray Farm.

Root: George's Family Leaves (02:32)

Benjamin Murray wishes his former slaves well as they prepare to depart, but Frederick demands money. The bitter Confederate predicts reprisals against free blacks and draws his pistol, but George shoots him before he can commit murder.

Roots: Naming the Baby (06:14)

George helps Tom with an emotional, Mandinka-inspired naming ceremony for his newborn daughter. Alex Haley writes a novel based on the experiences of his ancestors more than a century later.

Credits: Roots - 8 (01:02)

Credits: Roots - 8

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After witnessing Secessionist troops rape his wife, Tom agrees to help Nancy with a plot to kill an officer and abscond with military intelligence.

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