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Previously on "Roots" (01:46)


See a recap of the story through Tom Lea's betrayal of Chicken George.

"Roots": Chicken George in England (02:03)

It is 1849, and Chicken George is in Hampshire training gamecocks for Sir Eric Russell. He regales Russell's guests with tall tales of life in America. Russell promises to free, him but takes several years to keep his promise.

"Roots": George Returns (02:51)

George has a vision on the voyage home and fears his children won't remember him. He returns to Tom Lea's farm in 1860 to find his mother has died and the plantation has fallen into disrepair.

"Roots": George Confronts Tom Lea (03:31)

George enters the house and is nearly shot by Lea who does not initially recognize him. Lea reveals that a man named Benjamin Murray has bought George's children. George condemns his former master's selfishness.

"Roots": Tom is Asked a Favor (03:09)

Matilda and her son, Tom, live on Murray Farm. Tom works with Orly, a freed slave and blacksmith, who reveals he has been hiding Winslow, a runaway slave. Tom sneaks Winslow across the county line.

"Roots": George Finds Matilda (02:52)

George shows up on Murray Farm where he encounters the Murray family. Frederick, the son of patriarch Benjamin Murray, is overtly hostile and threatens to shoot George. George reveals he is an emancipated slave after spotting his wife on the balcony.

"Roots": Reunited at Last (02:11)

George waits patiently for Matilda to finish her work day before they spend the night together. Frederick seems none too pleased by George's presence on the farm.

"Roots": Bittersweet Family Reunion (03:14)

George is reunited with his children Little Kizzy, Uriah, Ashford and James, and he meets his granddaughter Irene and Uriah's fiance, Lily Su. George warns his family to beware false promises and vows to keep them together.

"Roots": Secessionist Champion (00:52)

Frederick's fiance, Nancy Holt, reads his pro-secessionist editorial to the Murrays. Frederick is convinced of a speedy victory and bright future for the Confederacy.

"Roots": Lukewarm Reception From Tom (02:46)

Confederate soldiers run drills on the Murray property. Benjamin has allowed George to stay on the plantation with his family. Tom arrives and is initially hostile towards his father who he blames for being sold away from his family. Ashford warns George of the mercurial Frederick.

"Roots": More Conflict with Tom (03:52)

The Murrays host a party at which George recognizes his mother's lullaby which has become adapted into a popular song. George is confronted by Tom who wants him to leave.

"Roots": Frederick Plots Against George (04:18)

James overhears Frederick plotting with his lawyer to exploit a loophole in slave law, whereby George's freedom can be taken away if he spends more than 90 days in North Carolina. George reluctantly agrees to head north but vows to return.

"Roots": Chicken George Meets Cyrus (02:15)

Irene tells Tom what she has learned about their grandfather, Kunta Kinte. George meets Cyrus, an escaped slave who is also trying to buy a ticket for a coach headed north. They decide to walk to the nearest Union fort.

"Roots": Nancy Reveals a Secret (03:13)

Nancy tells Tom she is a spy for the Union and tries to enlist his help. War breaks out after the Confederacy attacks Fort Sumter.

"Roots": Plans to Join the Union Army (02:19)

George and Cyrus are pursued by Confederate bushwhackers as they head toward the Union Army line in Tennessee. George kills a southern soldier and they take his horse.

"Roots": Tom Joins Union Cause (02:57)

Tom witnesses Frederick and his friends raping Irene. The traumatic experience inspires him to take up Nancy's offer. He learns that supposedly deaf-mute slave Jerusalem is also a spy and can actually talk; they hatch a plan.

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Credits: Roots - 7

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Chicken George returns to America as a free man after twenty years of cockfighting in England. He finds Tom Lea who has sold his family to the Murray farm in North Carolina.

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