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7.1 Language Functions (02:13)


Examples of positive feelings include: great, love, like, really good, comfortable, and confident. Examples of negative feelings include: appalled, angry, upset, bad, left behind, emotional, overloaded, and stressful.

7.2 Grammar (02:55)

Present tense words for habitual actions and events include: every morning, every day, often, always, regularly, and feelings and actions.

7.3 Idioms (04:11)

Learn the definition of several idioms. Examples include: "a good hair day," "crocodile tears," "feel like a million dollars," "get on someone's nerves," "down in the dumps," "work out," and "to-do list."

7.4 Vocabulary (01:56)

Examples of vocabulary words include: bully, thick-skinned, on purpose, sensitive, overwhelming, overloaded, social media, and stressful.

7.5 Pronunciation (02:55)

Learn the sound of the letter "W" Examples include the land of "W," more "W" words, and singing with "W."

Credits: Describing Feelings: English at Work (00:17)

Credits: Describing Feelings: English at Work

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Learn to express positive and negative feelings, and to talk about habitual actions and events using the simple present tense.

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