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The Double Plots (09:41)


This episode will examine the double plots and look at the play as figurative art. The subplot helps audience members understand the main plot by exploring similarities and differences. Gloucester's suffering is physical while Lear's problems are mental; the two men react differently and in opposition to the other.

Figurative Art (04:38)

King Lear is a fairy tale and focuses on good versus evil; do not take scenes entirely literally. Shakespeare creates characters to examine the truth of life: loyalty, justice, wisdom, and human suffering. Metaphoric elements include the storm, language, and killing Cordelia's hangman.

Credits: Approaches to King Lear (00:42)

Credits: Approaches to King Lear

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Approaches to King Lear

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Get ready to get Shakespeare, courtesy of the Standard Deviants' in-depth dose of Shakespeare's King Lear. They will examine important scenes and characters and see what makes this tragedy so great, including scheming sisters, steadfast servants, and spectacular storms.

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