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The Witches (03:48)


Witches begin the play onstage. Macbeth reacts internally to the witches' presence. The witches recognize that Macbeth has become an evil man.

Macbeth (05:23)

An overly ambitious man, Macbeth calls upon the darkness of night to help him murder the king. William Shakespeare's language reveals that the title character is reflective and intelligent. Listen to speeches he gives during the tragedy.

Lady Macbeth (03:19)

Lady Macbeth wants to act with the strength of a man and goads her husband into killing the king. By the end of the play, she descends into madness.

Macduffs (02:55)

The Macduffs are compassionate and loyal in contrast to the Macbeths' corruption. Lady Macduff realizes the way of the world before she is murdered trying to protect to her child.

Credits: The Characters of Macbeth (00:40)

Credits: The Characters of Macbeth

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The Characters of Macbeth

Part of the Series : Standard Deviants School Shakespeare Series
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It's kings, killings, and kilts. Kilts? That's right, the Standard Deviants continue their discussion of William Shakespeare's Macbeth. They explore the ambitious title character himself, Macbeth! His conniving wife, Lady Macbeth! There's the betrayed friend, Banquo! And of course, those three hateful hags, the witches!

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