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The Plot (08:07)


This episode will examine the background, the plot, the use of language, and why the play is a tragedy. William Shakespeare wrote "Macbeth" during the reign of King James, who enjoyed all sorts of entertainment and he occult. Characters include Lady Macbeth, Duncan, the Porter, Malcolm, Donalbain, Fleance, Banquo, Macduff, and three witches.

Use of Language (07:44)

Most of the prose is written in Blank Verse or unrhymed Iambic pentameter which utilizes the natural rhythms of the English Language. Listen to excerpts of speeches in "Macbeth." Lady Macbeth's speech is straightforward and plain.

Macbeth as a Tragedy (05:45)

Macbeth is a noble figure, who suffers a reversal of fortune, and recognizes the consequences of his actions. The audience does not pity or fear for the main character.

Credits: Macbeth Basics (00:38)

Credits: Macbeth Basics

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It's the Macdaddy of macabre murder mysteries: Macbeth. You want blood? You got it! You want conniving conspiracies? Done! You want spooky witches? No problem! It's creepy, it's crawly, it's the Scottish play on words, and that's no lie.

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