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Mystery (02:52)


This episode will explore mystery, philosophy, revenge, and tragedy in "Hamlet." Sentinels worry the ghost will appear and wonder who it was. William Shakespeare raises question about sanity, death, and spying.

Philosophy (05:05)

Shakespeare raises questions about morality, pain, intelligence, and the meaning of death. Other characters live in a dangerous and suspect world that Hamlet struggles living in. The main character realizes humans can endure the sufferings in the world.

Revenge (03:49)

Francis Bacon describes revenge as wild justice; revenge plays are popular in Tudor England. Laertes wants to avenge his father's death and becomes a tool of Claudius. Learn about different interpretations of Hamlet killing Claudius.

"Hamlet" as a Tragedy (06:40)

In Titus Andronicus, Shakespeare is excessively violent, while Romeo and Juliet combines tragedy and comedy. Hamlet is a tragic character because he comes to terms with his situation. The main character succumbs to his anger because he is human or the agent of providence.

Credits: Hamlet Themes (00:39)

Credits: Hamlet Themes

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Something may be rotten in the state of Denmark, but everything is A-OK with the Standard Deviants as they explore Billy Shakespeare's monumental marvel, Hamlet. What a piece of work is Hamlet? How noble in reason, how infinite in faculties... You get the picture.

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