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Life and Times of Shakespeare (08:33)


Viewers may agree or disagree with conclusions made during the program. William Shakespeare lived during the Renaissance Period under the reign of Queen Elizabeth I and early Stuart monarchs. The Lord Chamberlain's men performed at the Globe Theater; young boys portrayed female roles.

Shakespeare's Use of Language (05:47)

Shakespeare wrote in poetry and prose. Learn about blank verse, meters, and iambs.

Elizabethan Drama (10:11)

Renaissance plays were primarily verbal, whose characters were illusions or symbolized virtues or vices. Audience members gained insight into characters by listening to what they said, what others said about them, and by his or her actions. Theater companies interpret and update plays as they deem fit.

Credits: Intro to Shakespeare (00:40)

Credits: Intro to Shakespeare

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Intro to Shakespeare

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All the world's a stage! Shakespeare has been called the greatest writer of the English language, but who was Shakespeare? What kind of a world did he live in? Why is he so great? Get ready for an inside look at Shakespeare's life and times, his use of language, and the nitty-gritty of Elizabethan drama.

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