Titles in this Series

Intro to Shakespeare

Item #: 155218

What Is Tragedy?

Item #: 155219

Titus Andronicus

Item #: 155220

Romeo and Juliet

Item #: 155221

Hamlet Basics

Item #: 155222

Hamlet Themes

Item #: 155223

Othello Basics

Item #: 155224

Othello as a Tragedy

Item #: 155225

Macbeth Basics

Item #: 155226

The Characters of Macbeth

Item #: 155227

King Lear Basics

Item #: 155228

Approaches to King Lear

Item #: 155229

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Familiarize students with Shakespeare and his celebrated works with these vibrant programs. Excellent companions to the written text, this series introduces basic themes, plots, and characters and is the perfect length for classroom use!

Length: 239 minutes

Item#: BVL155217

Copyright date: ©2005

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