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The Incan Empire (01:19)


The Incan Empire had vast wealth and was self-sustainable with the use of various farming techniques. The empire survived for about 250 years.

Origins of the Incan Empire (02:24)

Incan legend states the sun god created the first Inca emperor. Incan civilization began in the Cusco valley and spread through military conquests.

The Incan Society (04:54)

Much of society was based on farming; villages were established around farmlands. Crops were divided among the king, priest, and farming village. The Incans worshiped the sun; the king was an embodiment of the sun god.

The Incan Culture (05:14)

The Incans did not have the wheel or a method of writing. They built large buildings and infrastructure programs. The Inca Empire surrendered to Spanish soldiers in 1532 after their king was killed.

Credits: The Incan Empire (00:47)

Credits: The Incan Empire

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The Incan Empire

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Learn all about the fascinating Incan empire: its origin, duration, expansion, population, social and economic structure, and achievements in engineering and science. Incan civil engineering was so advanced that even five centuries later, these structures are more earthquake-resistant than modern buildings. Finally, find out how the Spanish invasion and the death of the Incan king brought the civilization to an end.

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