Titles in this Series

Civilization's Progress

Item #: 155067

The Death of a Pharaoh

Item #: 155068

How Was Writing Born?

Item #: 155069

The Incan Empire

Item #: 155070

Mayas: Part 1

Item #: 155071

Mayas: Part 2

Item #: 155072

Moon Conquest

Item #: 155073

Scientific Evolution in the 20th Century

Item #: 155074

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Just the Facts: History of Science examines the scientific advancements of both ancient and modern civilizations. Beginning with major advancements of ancient societies such as the Egyptians, the Inca, and the Mayans and continuing with the Moon landing and 20th-century advancements, this collection presents a comprehensive overview of the development of math, science, astronomy, and writing throughout history. Concepts are illustrated with live footage, video clips, and animated graphics. Each video is divided into sections to explore specific themes.

Length: 143 minutes

Item#: BVL155066

Copyright date: ©2013

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