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Constantine's Conversion (07:01)


After defeating Maxentius at the Battle of Milvian Bridge, Constantine becomes the Emperor of the Western Roman reigns. Constantine experienced a divine vision and converts to Christianity. Jonathan Phillips will study the life and actions of the man who changed the course of Christian faith.

Imagery Honoring Constantine (06:04)

Following Emperor Constantine's religious victory, he showed few signs of wanting to attack or destroy paganism. He took steps toward making Christianity the more dominant religion of Rome, but still included many pagan symbols. Things changed for the Christian Church when Constantine began giving the church material benefits.

Christianization of Rome (04:18)

Constantine’s mother Saint Helena converted to Christianity soon after her son, and he gave her an old imperial palace to convert into a church. Following Helena’s pilgrimage to the holy land, several religious relics found their way into her church. Constantine was creating a new imperial version of the religion in Rome.

Imperial Christianity (05:20)

Constantine moved the center of ancient Rome to Vatican Hill where he constructed the Church of Saint Peter. He conquered the Eastern Roman Empire then controlled by Licinius.

Foundations of Roman Christianity (05:45)

Christianity became imperial and received financial and social support from the empire; it became essential to distinguish true Christians. The Aryan Controversy arose during the reign of Constantine; the foundation of the Nicene Creed was penned during this time.

Rome's New Capital (06:10)

Following the Aryan Council, Constantine celebrated his twentieth year as Roman Emperor. After defeating Licinius in 324, he ruled the entirety of the Roman Empire and created the new capital at Constantinople. Saint Helena began her pilgrimages to the holy land.

Expanding the Roman Empire (06:30)

Constantinople was the capital of the newly unified Roman Empire. Constantine built massive churches and changed the social and political structure of the once small village of Byzantium. Constantine began reconquering regions once lost to the Goths, the Persian Empire, and the Germanic tribes.

Christianity Dominates Pagan Rome (09:53)

Constantine fell ill in the city of Nicomedia and several days before his death, asked to be baptized; he died on the day of Pentecost. Paganism still existed, but Christianity became the dominant religion during Constantine’s reign.

Credits: Constantine (01:13)

Credits: Constantine

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The finale explains how, despite Rome's attempt to eradicate Christianity, the faith grew stronger. Included: the conversion of Constantine the Great.

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