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Paul Visits Athens (03:56)


Paul traveled to the Greek city where the Parthenon dominated the cityscape. David Gwynn shares the history and importance of the Greek gods and goddesses to the people at that time. Paul delivered a famous sermon on Mars Hill.

Paul Travels Through Ancient Greece (04:18)

Paul traveled to Corinth; the city was surpassing Athens in political and social importance. Dr. Jerome Murphy-O’Connor talks about Paul’s visit to the region. Dr. Joyce Salisbury talks about the significance of the Jewish Pentecost.

Apostle Paul's Stay in Ephesus (04:50)

Paul left the church in the town of Cenchreae under the care of a female deacon known as Phoebe. The early Christian church accepted women into roles they were previously denied. Ephesus was one of the most important cities in the Roman Empire.

Cult of Artemis (04:54)

Artemis' symbol held great significance in the ancient world; only a single column of her once great temple remains in Ephesus. Paul’s ministry made an impact on the local economy which led to a band of pagan silversmiths driving him away from the region.

Foundations of Religious Charities (04:26)

Paul embarked on his third missionary journey through Greece with the purpose of maintaining and resolving disputes within the established Christian churches and communities. One of the best social aspects of the early church was the establishment of welfare and charities.

Paul Rejects Judaism (06:09)

James, Paul, and other Christian elders often had disputes about who should be allowed to convert to Christianity. Paul believed the new sect of religion was open to Jews and Gentiles, but other scholars disagreed. Paul was placed under house arrest before demanding to be taken to Rome for judgment.

Paul's Imprisonment in Rome (05:34)

Emperor Nero was thought to be deranged by the time the Apostle Paul arrived in Rome to be sentenced in Roman courts. Peter was also in Rome as one of the most important Christian figures of the age. Paul and Peter were held in the Mamertine Prison.

Nero's Brutal Executions (06:16)

Nero’s tyranny and extravagance escalated; it is rumored he started the great fire of Rome as a way to continue his persecution of the Christians. Peter was crucified upside down and buried on Vatican Hill; his remains now rest in Saint Peter’s Basilica.

Effects of Paul's Ministry (04:14)

Phillips walks down the pathway were Paul is thought to have walked his last steps. Paul penned the Christian doctrine which transformed the faith and opened it to all people. See Saint Paul’s Basilica.

Roman Martyrs (07:16)

The apostle James was stoned to death by Jewish leaders and followers after he refused to denounce Jesus. Before his death, James asked the Lord to forgive his murderers. Two of the Christian church’s most important founders served and died in Rome.

Credits: Age of the Apostles (01:10)

Credits: Age of the Apostles

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