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Ancient Scriptures (02:25)


Jonathan Phillips will study the history of Christianity, a religion which began two thousand years ago and still has two billion followers worldwide. His first stop is Manchester, England where the oldest known New Testament Parchment is housed.

Christ's Birthplace (04:22)

Modern Jerusalem, the Holy Land for the Christian people, is where the story of Christianity begins. In a cave-like grotto in Bethlehem, Phillips walks to a Christian pilgrimage site thought to be the place where Jesus Christ was born.

Herod Orders Jesus Killed (04:41)

Phillips goes to the place in Bethlehem where three wise men are thought to have brought gifts to the baby Jesus. The story of Jesus begins with the king wishing to kill the baby; Herod ordered all children under age two be killed.

Sermons and Miracles of Jesus (09:22)

The River Jordan is a significant religious pilgrimage site for followers of the Christian faith and is the modern boundary between Jordan and Israel. People reenacted the baptism of Jesus along the banks of the river; see an ancient boat discovered in the Sea of Galilee.

Other Religions During Jesus's Ministry (05:55)

Phillips discusses the disciples of Jesus and the New Testament. Dr. David Gwynn explains paganism was the dominant religion at the time in many regions. Jesus challenged pagan and Jewish leaders.

Traveling Ministry of Jesus (09:15)

Phillips travels to Jerusalem just as Jesus is thought to have done during the final days of his ministry. Archeologist Avner Gora discusses the historical significance of the architecture.

Passion Narratives (08:54)

According to the accounts of the last weeks of Jesus’s life and ministry, Jesus clashed with the Roman Church and rulers. Jesus fought Orthodox Judaism as well as Roman Imperial powers; see Leonardo Da Vinci’s interpretation of “The Last Supper.”

Holy Site of Jesus' Death (07:05)

Phillips continues along the Christian pilgrimage route and visits the place where Jesus is thought to have been crucified. People travel here yearly to reenact the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus.

Credits: Birth of a Faith (01:13)

Credits: Birth of a Faith

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