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Employee Happiness at Zappos (09:15)


Business expert Gary Hamel argues that competitive advantage today is based on creativity and passion. At Zappos, employee culture is based on humor, freedom, and community; Director of Human Resources Hollie Delaney explains that without managers or extensive rules and restrictions, employees are empowered.

Pernod Ricard: Community and Entrepreneurship (09:25)

At Pernod Ricard, most employees are engaged in their work, due to a culture of community based on freedom, open-mindedness, and sharing. Employees and managers work together in open spaces and participate in fun retreats and events. The company also emphasizes entrepreneurship by trusting employees and giving them the leadership to contribute to the company.

Employee Innovation at La Poste (08:05)

Celia Caumartin and Jean-Jack Jehan gained new entrepreneurial positions after their project idea won an internal contest. As mail distribution diminishes with the rise of Internet, La Poste needed to diversify. Group Director Sylvie Francois emphasizes the need to promote trust and responsibility among employees in order to grow successfully.

Feedback at Netflix (09:26)

Founding Chairman of Netflix Reed Hastings wrote a widely read power point on company culture, emphasizing freedom and responsibility. He explains how freedom attracts excellence in employees; by hiring talented people and maintaining competition, people are motivated to do their best. An extensive feedback system ensures that everyone progresses and feels involved.

Credits: Employees, the Holy Grail of Engagement (00:36)

Credits: Employees, the Holy Grail of Engagement

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All companies strive for the same goal: to satisfy clients with the most relevant products and the best of service. And to succeed, they need their employees—engaged ones. Engaged employees make satisfied clients and ensure good business performance. This unbeatable equation should seduce any organization looking to create value. Engaged employees bring their passion, their sense of initiative, and their creativity to the office. So what levers, what tools, what miraculous alchemy can make an employee engaged? We look at four very different companies, each with a unique vision of engagement: happiness at Zappos, conviviality at Pernod Record, entrepreneurship at La Poste, and excellence at Netflix. All these companies have understood the essential: that bringing all employees in on a common story based on shared values will make the difference.

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