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Introduction: Lessons from Parents (04:02)


A man in Mali states that he wants his children to understand their family traditions. A woman in Great Britain wishes to unlearn lessons from her parents. A man in Burkina Faso advises his children to keep their customs alive.

Skills Passed On (03:17)

A man in Nepal describes the love he received from his family despite their poverty. A woman in Ethiopia learned to cook from her mother. A woman in Tibet learned to milk yaks.

Values Passed On (06:21)

A woman in Japan hopes to pass on the value of relationships to her child. A woman in Indonesia wants her children to grow up knowing that there is no difference between boys and girls. A man in Nepal recalls how his mother taught him to be respectful to others.

Fundamental Bases (04:22)

A woman in Cuba states that the key to life is to have love for everyone. A woman in Israel taught her children how to listen. A man is Egypt learned from his grandfather to keep his promises.

Living by Example (03:50)

A woman in Pakistan notes that every generation struggles with teaching values to their children because the way they live is hypocritical. A man in Spain sets the example for his children by being the best person he can be. A man in Germany recalls how his mother, a survivor of Auschwitz, lived a positive, fulfilling life by not dwelling on bitterness or letting it affect her children.

Learning from Children (02:11)

A Japanese man expresses his wish to see his children live a life without regret. A woman in New Zealand claims her children taught her about life.

Credits: Transmission (01:09)

Credits: Transmission

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What do you want to pass on to your children?

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