Segments in this Video

Introduction: Leaving the Nest (01:59)


A woman in Bolivia states that life has been difficult since her children left to live in Argentina. A man in Spain shares that he left his home country without saying goodbye to his family. A man in Mali left his home country for economic reasons.

One's Own Country (04:18)

A woman in Benin expresses pride in her home country. An asylum seeker in Spain describes the complex feelings of leaving your homeland. A Chechen refugee living in France recounts having to flee her home country to avoid persecution.

Migrant Workers (04:54)

A Honduran migrant in Mexico ventilates that he had to leave his five children in Honduras for more work opportunities. A Cameroonian man recalls how he arrived in Spain to seek asylum. A Mexican man discusses the perplexities of borders.

Work Opportunities (02:18)

A woman from Paraguay recounts arriving in Argentina as a child and living in a shantytown with her mother. A woman in Hong Kong discusses the work opportunities in the area for young people. A Mexican man explains that he would not have the means to build his own house had it not been for the work he secured in the U.S.

Separated from Family (02:57)

A man in France describes crying at night from missing his family. A refugee from Darfur states that the only joy in life is from living with your family safely. A Palestinian woman expresses her constant fear because of the country's instability.

Countries in Crisis (02:21)

An Iraqi refugee states that she can never see herself returning to Iraq because of the constant crisis there. A woman in Afghanistan takes pride in her country despite its problems. A Congolese refugee does not claim any country as her own due to hardships wherever she goes.

Identity (05:56)

A man in Los Angeles expresses frustration with not being seen as American because of his Mexican ancestry. A woman in France describes not being accepted by Moroccan people as Moroccan. A woman in Israel states that she has no home country.

Credits: Here/There (01:08)

Credits: Here/There

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Stay at home, live abroad... People who want to leave, people who have left, people who will never leave... A dialogue about the relation to a country and the world and identity.

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