Segments in this Video

Introduction: Religious Love (01:51)


See a man in Pakistan define love through various religious myths and fiction works. A woman in Egypt describes her depth of love for God.

Marriage (04:10)

A woman in Ukraine recounts how she fell in love with her husband. A woman in Mali rejected her first husband, whom her father chose, and married a man she loved instead. A woman in New York found platonic love and companionship after her husband passed away.

Arranged Marriages (01:51)

A woman in Bolivia explains that arranged marriage is expected and women are treated like property. A man in Turkey was promised to his cousin from a young age, but grew to love her after the marriage ceremony.

Companionship (04:05)

A man in Argentina describes love as a need to experience life as a couple. A woman in Russia recounts being in love and getting married multiple times. A man in Gabon experienced love at first sight.

Giving and Receiving (05:21)

A man in Italy claims love has two aspects: possession and giving. A man in France expresses that love is at first sight and grows through sharing a life together.

Affection (03:10)

A Japanese man notes that in Japanese culture one does not openly express affection. An Indonesian woman uses holding an egg as a metaphor for the fragility of love. A man in China describes marriage as a means to raise children.

Arguments (03:19)

A man in the Netherlands explains that even after fighting with his wife, they could not bear the thought of being apart. A woman in Russia expresses how different she and her husband are which leads to arguments and laughter. A man in New Orleans shares his mother's explanation of love as building towards a future day by day.

Credits: Love (01:09)

Credits: Love

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What is love? To love one’s family, to fall in love, to fall out of love... What makes love last, and how can this feeling last for a lifetime?

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