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Sexual and Racial Stereotypes in the Media

The Series Includes : Sexual Stereotypes in the Media | Racial Stereotypes in the Media
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Sexual and racial stereotypes are constantly being redefined and reinforced on TV and in movies, in magazines and on the Web, in video games—practically everywhere. They frame perceptions, reinforce prejudices, and promote a fear of “the Other.” This two-part series scrutinizes the media in order to both expose and understand common sources of bias and the intentions behind them. Expert commentary is provided by Carolyn Kitch, director of the Mass Media and Communication program at Temple University; Oscar Gandy, professor emeritus at the Annenberg School for Communication; and NPR’s Bob Garfield, cohost of On the Media. A Films for the Humanities & Sciences Production. 2-part series, 38–42 minutes each.

Item#: BVL37004

ISBN: 978-1-4213-8677-5

Copyright date: ©2008

Reviews & Awards

“Assembles a wealth of familiar images from the past and present that clearly illustrate the media’s role in stereotyping.... Support for the ideas presented is both authoritative and convincing. Expert commentary makes important connections between stereotypes and theoretical frameworks such as agenda setting, consensus reality, and Jungian personality archetypes. The film also cites scientific evidence from noted media studies to illustrate racial bias in the news media. Highly recommended for school and university libraries, Sexual and Racial Stereotypes in the Media is an excellent resource for communication, journalism, psychology, and sociology curricula.”—Educational Media Reviews Online

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