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Jamie Cullum: Introduction (01:27)


Singer-songwriter, pianist, jazz artist and broadcaster Jamie Cullum sets out to discover six personal projects and passions within the archives of the British Library.

Treasure One: Roots (08:25)

Cullum explores his family history and heritage beginning with his Burmese grandfather’s orphanage. India office curator Penny Brook guides Cullum through a baptism record and the evacuation of Burma during World War II.

Treasure Two: Craft (04:53)

Well-crafted shoes fascinate Cullum. He joins Guy West for a tour of the Jeffery West shoe shop and explores the history of shoemaking with Maria Lampert.

Treasure Three: Music (06:44)

Jazz is based on the musician's ability to improvise; Cullum witnesses the digitization of a radio recording of the Harry Haze Octet. Andy Linehan allows Cullum to listen to a bootleg recording of American jazz musician Memphis Slim.

Treasure Four: Inspiration (05:31)

As an entrepreneur, Cullum always admired writer Virginia Woolf for her novels and her in-home publishing company the Hogarth Press. Duncan Heyes allows Cullum to see Woolf’s “Kew Gardens” which was once printed on her in-home press.

Treasure Five: Creativity (05:22)

The beat poets, including Michael Horovitz, have been a continuous inspiration for Cullum. Horovitz and Cullum listen to a rare recording of the first International Poetry Incarnation at the Royal Abbot Hall.

Treasure Six: Passion (07:49)

Cullum explores the history of photography with John Falconer, visual arts curator. The two view the personal photography collection of William Henry Fox Talbot, and participate in a photo session using glass negatives.

Jamie Cullum's Donation (02:17)

As a donation to the British Library’s musical archives, Cullum donates one of the last copies of his first original album.

Credits: Jamie Cullum (00:35)

Credits: Jamie Cullum

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The British Library—the greatest repository of our culture, history and society. In its archives are everything from stunningly beautiful handwritten Korans to Captain Scott’s diary; Karl Marx’s letters and Sir John Gielgud’s scrapbooks. Now six of these Treasures will be chosen and uncovered by the acclaimed jazz musician Jamie Cullum. Drawing on his own passions, and aided by the expert British Library staff, Jamie will track down wonders as diverse as books hand-printed by Virginia Woolf and unique recordings of great jazz performances given six decades ago. Each of the six Treasures taps into a different aspect of Jamie’s life and work—the themes as diverse as photography or the bespoke shoemaking. Whether exploring the ground breaking works of the Beat Poets or records of his own family history, Jamie encounters items that only exist in the British Library collection.

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