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Robert Winston: Introduction (01:36)


Winston, a pioneer in the field of fertility, visits the British Library to uncover six meaningful items within the archives. Winston will be focusing on the theme of communication during his library visit.

Treasure One: Fascination (08:19)

Music curator Rupert Ridgewell shows Winston Beethoven’s personal sketchbook. The composition is the beginnings of the Sixteenth Pastoral Symphony. Winston believes music encompasses the notion of humanity and emotions.

Treasure Two: Characters (07:43)

Winston appreciates great literature, such as “Anna Karenina," but chooses to revisit a childhood favorite, “Winnie the Pooh." Helen Melody shows Winston a first edition along with figurines hand carved by illustrator Ernest H. Shepard.

Treasure Three: Surprise (03:44)

Winston takes a trip into the King's Library Tower, the most private and heavily guarded area of the British Library, to research the history of skiing among the Sami Tribe of Lapland.

Treasure Four: Role Model (07:55)

Biology and practical science dominated a large portion of Winston’s life, and Anne McLaren’s early research of in vitro fertilization treatment has long inspired him. Winston meets with the British Library’s Science Engagement Manager Katie Howe and Susan McLaren.

Treasure Five: Path not Taken (04:00)

After medicine, theater is one of Winston’s primary interests. Theatrical archives curator Kathryn Johnson shows Winston Terrance Ratican's first draft of the play “Harlequinade.”

Treasure Six: Roots (07:26)

Hebrew Collections Curator Ilana Tahan helps Winston return to his Jewish heritage by revealing the first set of charters. The library aims to digitize collections and invites Winston and former Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks to witness the digitization of the Medieval Hebrew documents.

Robert Winston's Donation (02:18)

Reflecting on his pioneering work in the field of scientific communication, Winston decides to donate a scientific report to the library.

Credits: Robert Winston (00:34)

Credits: Robert Winston

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In this film the leading scientist, medical doctor and broadcaster Professor Robert Winston explores six incredible Treasures of the British Library. He is helped and guided by the Library’s expert curators, discovering amazing facts and quirky details about each book, manuscript or object. Above all he and we enjoy the privilege of spending time with a truly unique and historic document or object. Each item taps into a different aspect of Robert’s life, career and interests. They cover subjects as diverse as skiing and theater directing, ranging from a much-loved colleague’s pioneering lab notes to a rough notebook handwritten by Beethoven. Through the six Treasures Robert gains a glimpse of the sheer scale and breadth of the British Library collection, before ending the film with his own donation to its catalogue.

Length: 45 minutes

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