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A Tumultuous Year for Christie's (04:50)


Christie's celebrates its 250th anniversary and normally accrues massive profits, but sales have struggled in 2016. This program will go behind the scenes of the world's largest auction house to discover the business that drives its success. Jussi Pylkkänen discovers sellers are withdrawing pieces because they are worried about the upcoming modernist and Impressionist sale because it has been overshadowed by the European Referendum.

Defining British Art Sale (03:12)

A week before the auction goes to print, Pylkkänen discovers the auction is missing some notable artists. Executives brainstorm how they can obtain more paintings. Christie's hosts a cocktail party for its clients and potential bidders.

Preparing for the Auction (04:43)

Christie's convinced Ivor Braka to put a Lucian Freud drawing up for auction. Pylkkänen and other executives discuss the order of the sale. A painting by John Constable arrives for authentication.

Auctions in China (05:27)

Employees from London, New York, Geneva, Paris, Dubai and several Asian countries gather in Hong Kong and share what makes their collection unique. A bidder describes why she likes to work with Christie's advisors. Pierre Chen explains what artists he wants to add to his portfolio.

Ruben's for Sale (03:49)

Christie's sent a Peter Paul Rubens portrait to New York and Hong Kong in order to attract overseas interest when they auction it off later in the year. Brett Gorvy visits Chen at his home.

Dragon Jar (05:56)

Marco Almeida describes how he authenticated and priced the vase. The women who owned it kept her umbrellas in it. The vase sells for five million dollars.

Ruben's Up for Auction (07:07)

Bidders look at the painting of "Lot and His Daughters" and question where it has been. François Outred advises his client to bid aggressively; Ruben's painting sells for 40 million dollars. A Japanese fashion designer paid 51 million dollars for a Basquiat painting.

British Art Sale (03:02)

Christie's manages to obtain canvases painted by Stubbs, Turner, Constable, Moore, Freud, Bacon, and others. The auction house guaranteed the Freud drawing, meaning Christie's will buy it for an agreed sum if it fails to get a higher bid.

Bidders Arrive (04:00)

Pylkkänen displays a drawing that his son created next to a Picasso painting. Freud's drawing sells for 3.5 million dollars. 85% of the auction lots sell and garner over 150 million dollars, but sales are down from the last year.

China Is a Priority (02:14)

Pylkkänen visits their branch in Shanghai but is not allowed to lead the auction. Jin Ling runs the bidding in China. There are over a million people in the country with a million dollars of disposable income.

Opening Museums (05:11)

Chinese collectors now open private museums to display art. The Liu Museum houses a married couple's collection so others may enjoy it. Budi Tek created the Yuz Museum from an airplane hangar.

Credits: Inside Christie's: Episode 2 (00:35)

Credits: Inside Christie's: Episode 2

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As Christie's celebrates its 250th anniversary, this two-part series follows the drama behind iconic art auctions across the globe to reveal how the world's biggest auction house operates. In the second episode, the program goes behind the scenes in London and China as staff, experts, advisers, and buyers set art trends, prices, reserves, and records. 

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