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The Really Real: Introduction (02:19)


Arthur Hilary Lawson asks philosopher Simon Blackburn, columnist Myriam Francois-Cerrah, and political theorist and theologian Phillip Blond whether absolute right and wrong is attainable.

Simon Blackburn: The Pitch (05:39)

Blackburn explains each society has a different view of morality and moral standards, and their treatment of those outside of the societal norm differs largely in style and severity. He claims people commonly look for ontology of moral laws laid out by an immortal being.

Myriam Francois-Cerrah: The Pitch (05:16)

Francois asserts the universal moral code currently reflects primarily western values and conceptions of the world. Creating chaos in the Middle East is one way universalism undermines itself.

Phillip Blond: The Pitch (06:45)

The way in which western culture thinks about realism as the same as materialism is false. According to Galen Strawson, the human mind cannot be added up through materials. Blond explains his theory of how to achieve objectivity.

Do We Need New Moral Objectivity? (14:15)

Blackburn claims that each culture has its own version of morality; Francois-Cerrah believes there is a universally evolving definition of morality. Blond asserts, though moral good is not static between cultures, there are moral goods that are holistic; the panelists agree the attack on the Twin Towers is an example of a universal wrong.

What Principles can We Found a Moral Outlook on? (11:17)

Myriam asserts targeting civilians is always immoral across all religions and societies. Francois states liberalism is the dominate leader of universalism and it serves itself by using sound bites which do not match up to reality in the global south.

Would a New Objectivity Make Us More Moral? (04:13)

Blackburn questions what universalism has to do with a worldwide code of morality. Francois-Cerrah and Blond argue whether Western culture holds claim to the future of universalism.

Credits: The Really Real (00:19)

Credits: The Really Real

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Different cultures see the world differently and cultural relativism is a widely accepted outlook. Yet faced with beheadings most of us want to assert that we know what is right and wrong. Do we need a new objectivity to combat the world's evils, or should we give up on the really real as a cultural fantasy? The Panel Philosopher and author of Truth Simon Blackburn, ResPublica director Phillip Blond and New Statesman columnist Myriam Francois-Cerrah debate truth and morality.

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