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Why Paganism And Why Now? (02:15)


Angela Saini introduces the debate topics and panelist members. This debate focuses on the return of paganism and exploring whether or not paganism has given rise to a new haven for spirituality.

The Pitch: Colin Trudge (07:06)

Trudge defines paganism as a syncretic religion containing the essence of worthwhile religions without theology. The essence of religion has three vital components cosmology, morality, and epistemology. He outlines two aspects of transcendence within paganism.

The Pitch: Stephen Law (05:01)

Law explores how and when concepts of natural causes and agency are used to explain a phenomenon. Contemporary pagan beliefs are a product natural selection that has increased humanities sensitivity to agency; however, he asserts that beliefs are false.

The Pitch: Eileen Barker (02:59)

Barker describes common pagan belief systems and distinguishes between pagan groups. She describes the return of paganism as a coming out rather than a sudden surge of paganism.

Theme One: Is Paganism More Than an Outdated Belief System? (12:33)

Debate participants discuss whether or not paganism is more than an outdated belief system. Barker explains the origins and history of paganism. Trudge critiques Law's position of agency and explore the concept of spirituality and biology.

Theme Two: Why is Paganism Growing? (12:18)

Barker, Law, and Trudge discuss why paganism is growing. Trudge and Barker argue that the modern worldview is the driving force for the increase paganism. Law asserts that the rise in paganism is due to the fall of traditional religion.

Theme Three: Do We Need a New Spirituality? (05:58)

Law, Trudge, and Barker debate whether or not a new spirituality is needed. Barker argues that there is not a need for new spirituality and Trudge asserts that there is a need for a new worldview.

Credits: Return of the Pagans (00:22)

Credits: Return of the Pagans

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Once paganism was seen as an antiquated belief system that modern frameworks had made redundant. Now it is claimed paganism is one of the fastest growing religions in the UK and US. Have the pagan gods of nature given us a new haven for spirituality? Or is it a superficial entertainment for lost westerners? The Panel Professor of Sociology at the London School of Economics Eileen Barker, philosopher at the University of London Stephen Law, science journalist, author, and broadcaster Angela Saini, and writer, broadcaster and co-founder of the College for Enlightened Agriculture, Colin Tudge debate the pagan resurgence.

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