Titles in this Series

Abstract Cognition

Item #: 143688

As Time Goes By

Item #: 143689

Caris' Peace (A Memory of Living in the Moment)

Item #: 143690

Caris' Peace (What's My Line?)

Item #: 143691

Dealing with Dementia

Item #: 143692

Memory Palace

Item #: 143693

Mind the Altitude

Item #: 143694

The Age of Insight

Item #: 143695

The Robotic Mind

Item #: 143696

The Science of Learning (to Play the guitar)

Item #: 143697

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Central Asia is home to some of world culture’s greatest feats of memory. The 12th century epic poem of King Gesar, the early mythic king of early Tibet, is assessed at a million verses long, for example. Tibetan Buddhist culture in particular makes use of ‘artificial memory’ in retaining sacred teachings through the form of elaborate iconography in painted and sculptural form. In this year’s series we will look at the role that memory has played in the past, and the debatable role it plays in our contemporary cut-and-paste culture.

Length: 450 minutes

Item#: BVL143687

ISBN: 978-1-64198-406-5

Copyright date: ©2012

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