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Meet the Panelists (02:05)


Angela Saini introduces the topic and panelists Berit Brogaard, David Papineau, and Veronique Mottier. Each panelist will speak about whether emotions are a more reliable guide than reason.

Berit Brogaard: The Pitch (03:21)

Brogaard cites an example of intuition when a department chair presented a gift. He says there are many unconscious inferences that create gut feelings. In certain cases, you should follow your gut feelings while in others you should not.

David Papineau: The Pitch (04:46)

Papineau thinks intuition is integral to understanding the world, but that understanding where intuition stems from is valuable. Most people absorb intuition from a framework of living in society. Papineau thinks intuition is not trustworthy and that gut feelings are often mistaken.

VĂ©ronique Mottier: The Pitch (02:57)

Mottier is interested in looking at what power relations underlie the desire to portray reason as superior to emotion. She believes people use emotional pursuits to escape the insistently rational approach of modern day society.

Them One: Reality Through Reason (09:38)

Brogaard uses a dorm room example to show that accurate conclusions can be drawn with emotional reasoning. Papineau defines a reason as a decision come to via empirical evidence; the idea of gut instinct is incorrect. Mottier states that historically men have been depicted as more rational while women are more emotional.

Theme Two: Separating Reason and Emotion (07:42)

Brogaard believes reason and emotion cannot be separated, pointing out that Papineau's argument that gut instinct is unconscious inference is directly in line with what emotion is understood to be. Papineau acknowledges that fast decisions are made with intuition. Mottier says that limit-experiences are experiments where thinkers put themselves into situations where they lose rational control and learn things that would be rationally unknowable.

Theme Three: Beyond Reason (10:25)

Brogaard cites Einstein as an example of scientific discovery through intuitive thinking. Papineau agrees that unconscious ideas can have merit. He also cautions against allowing emotions free reign in political spheres.

Credits: The Reality of Feeling: Reason and Emotion (00:07)

Credits: The Reality of Feeling: Reason and Emotion

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The Reality of Feeling: Reason and Emotion

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From the exhilaration of love to the depths of nihilistic despair, we think emotion clouds our access to the cold hard stuff of reality. Yet Einstein claimed intuition was a sacred gift and the rational mind only its servant. Are feelings a truer guide to reality than reason?

The Panel

Author of The Roots of Reason David Papineau, Cambridge sociologist Véronique Mottier and American philosopher of mind Berit Brogaard interrogate the intellect and the instinct.

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