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Introduction: The Consolations of Pornography: Is Porn Wrong or a Force for Good? (03:12)


Sex is normal and should be celebrated; visual representations should not be considered obscene. Not all pornography is beneficial, but a knee-jerk condemnation ignores the complex issue.

Exploitation Exceptions (03:20)

A Puritanical view of pornography is insensitive as it does not acknowledge the particular needs of some people. Many jobs can be dehumanizing and exploitative. Pornography involving children and unwilling participants should be banned and prosecuted.

Legislating Pornographic Images (03:56)

Tatchell discusses the challenge of defining degrading and humiliating sexual images and the problem with attempting to enforce laws against them.

Pornography and Sexual Abuse (01:44)

There is no evidence that watching pornography causes sexual violence against women. The majority should not be legislated on the actions of the minority.

Forced Into Sex Industry (02:20)

Action needs to be taken to free women who have been trafficked and imprisoned. Tatchell discusses problems with banning pornography and enforcing laws against explicit imagery.

Educating Young People (01:24)

Tatchell supports sex and relationship education to help teens understand the effects of pornography and to gain realistic expectations and respectful attitudes about sex.

Gay v. Straight Porn (02:55)

Most women are pressured or forced into the industry. Men control the straight porn industry and produce images intended to satisfy male fantasies. Gay pornography is less degrading and many of the actors enjoy the work as well as the pay.

Benefits of Decriminalization (01:24)

Tatchell weighs the pros and cons of making pornography legal. When pornography is driven underground, it is less likely that abuses will be reported.

Disease Prevention (03:56)

Masturbation was encouraged in the 1980s and 1990s to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS. Having sex regularly reduces the risk of prostate cancer by 30% in men between ages 18 and 55.

Inadequacy of Sex Education (01:16)

Currently, students are taught about the reproduction aspects of sex. Many young people get their sex education from porn. Addressing it at the school level can help put it in context.

Credits: The Consolations of Pornography: Is Porn Wrong or a Force for Good? (00:07)

Credits: The Consolations of Pornography: Is Porn Wrong or a Force for Good?

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The Consolations of Pornography: Is Porn Wrong or a Force for Good?

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While pornography can be dehumanizing and exploitative, it can also be educative, liberating, empowering, fulfilling, and immensely socially beneficial. It all depends on how it is made, who makes it, what it depicts, and why it is being used. Activist and author Peter Tatchell speaks out against critics. 


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