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Heroin Epidemic (02:21)


Senior Justice Correspondent Pierre Thomas interviews a suburban mother about her teenage daughter's addiction. Cases doubled from 2010 to 2012. St. Louis DEA agents raid a suspected dealer's home, finding a loaded gun and a stash.

How Does Your Body Know When to Start Puberty? (01:01)

Hormones cause the many changes that occur during puberty. The pituitary gland stimulates the ovaries.

I've Started to Gain Some Weight, Should I Be Worried? (01:13)

Eating healthy and keeping active should mitigate issues with weight, but obesity is a growing issue in the U.S. Schedule time for physical activity.

Wow! All that Exercise Makes Me Thirsty (00:26)

Drink water; avoid sodas, sports drinks, and fruit juice. .

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Fighting a New Heroin War

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In this ABC News report, Senior Justice Correspondent Pierre Thomas investigates the latest heroin epidemic affecting suburban America. Mexican cartels are targeting prescription drug users with cheap, pure product and using creative methods to smuggle it across the border. Thomas accompanies a St. Louis DEA agent on a drug bust and interviews a grieving mother about community outreach efforts. An ABC News production.

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