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Motivation and Training: Thea Farrington (01:26)


Diagnosed with diabetes at an early age, Farrington began baking sugar-free. See the variety of products available at her bakery, where she focuses on quality.

Motivation and Training: Hamid Torabpour (01:18)

Torabpour's passions are filmmaking and giving back. He is the founder of a 5K run that raises money for charities. Hear about his childhood entrepreneurial ventures.

Motivation and Training: Sonal Gerten (01:24)

Gerten's had the desire to make playful clothing for children when she was pregnant with her first child. The clothing incorporates her Indian culture.

Motivation and Training: Tim Torabpour (02:05)

Torabpour became interested in filming while in high school. He earned a bachelor degree in digital film and video production after starting his video production business.

Time and Energy Challenges (04:10)

Short on funds, Hamid Torabpour mixed and packed the dye himself. To save money, Sonal Gerten hired interns from U of M. Thea Farrington talks about the challenges of being her own boss. Tim Torabpour sometimes feels overwhelmed by rapidly changing technology in the video industry.

Support Systems and Marketing (04:03)

Torabpour stresses learning from your mistakes. Thea Farrington gets support in her baking business from family. Gerten speaks to mommy groups to promote her children's clothing line.

Giving Back and Rewards (03:26)

Learn about the charities of three entrepreneurs. Gerten enjoys seeing children play in the clothing she designs. Farrington appreciates recognition from customers. Tim Torabpour finds satisfaction in capturing emotional moments.

Advice for Others (01:03)

Gerten and Torabpour share final thoughts.

Credits: Entrepreneurship: Be Your Own Boss (00:40)

Credits: Entrepreneurship: Be Your Own Boss

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It is said that entrepreneurs are ordinary people who achieve extraordinary things. How do entrepreneurs succeed in following their dreams, while making them profitable? Discover the struggles and successes of four different business owners in "Entrepreneurship: Be Your Own Boss," featuring interviews of a baker, videographer, children’s clothing designer, and president of a charitable running event company. The entrepreneurs share their experiences about running their own businesses. Topics include:
• Motivation
• Challenges and Risks
• Strengths, Skills, and Training
• Time Management
• Communication and Teamwork
• Support Systems
• Rewards
• Advice for Others

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