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More than Just a Job: Introduction (00:32)


This segment orients viewers to the topic of a job vs. a career.

Job or Career? It's About Attitude (04:20)

A career is a lifestyle. Roger Savage has been in his career for a long time; Kerri Bishop is starting hers. Attitude is important to success. View a summary of a job vs. a career.

How to Tell if You are in a Career (02:51)

How you feel about work is an indicator if you are in a job or career. Bishop discusses steps she is taking to develop her career. Kate Southam discusses a "career by accident." View a summary of indicators that you are in a career.

The Advantages and Challenges of Careers (03:02)

The enjoyment factor is a major advantage of having a career; the "care factor" and sacrifices are challenges. Savage and Bishop discuss finding a balance. View a summary of advantages and challenges.

Knowing When Your Careers is Off the Rails (03:06)

Learn signs that your career is off track and tips for changing your career. Career change is a step-by-step process that takes time. View a summary of career change.

How to Build a Career (02:44)

A successful career takes time and effort. Consider several elements when building a career. View a summary of career building.

Conclusion (00:30)

Savage suggests following your instincts to find a career.

Credits: More Than Just a Job (00:29)

Credits: More Than Just a Job

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Much of our life is spent working, yet we spend little time developing and managing our careers. It's not uncommon for people who strive for a career to be ambitious, competitive, and desire to be the best at what they do. In this program we take a look at the differences between a job and a career, providing insight into choosing the correct career path. We hear from a man who seized his career with both hands, a woman just beginning her career, and an expert who made career advice her career.

Length: 18 minutes

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