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Napster - UK (03:47)


Sexually suggestive content is often a hot-button issue for censorship. This ad for Napster pushed many of the right "wrong" buttons.

Agent Provocateur - UK (04:35)

UK based lingerie manufacturer Agent Provocateur created an ad with Australian singer Kylie Minogue that was shunned by television. It eventually was shown in British cinemas.

Go Daddy - United States (04:12)

Internet hosting service Go Daddy got banned from showing their commercial on the Superbowl. This has become a new marketing strategy, to always have their ads banned.

Yard Fitness - United States (02:28)

A fitness center decided to censor themselves as part of their own ad. Mocking the censors allowed for a great deal of explicit humor.

Charmin - UK (02:59)

Toilet paper company Charmin tried to tip toe around the unmentionable in a commercial full of suggestive imagery. Despite being innocent on the face, the undertones may be too much for censors.

Jane More - Japan (02:20)

By just trying to be provocative for the sake of being provocative does not always make a compelling commercial. A Jane More advertisement from a previous decade seems to lose purpose with audiences.

Ekstra Bladet - Denmark (03:18)

A tabloid newspaper in Denmark decided to demonstrate that it's ad was as salaciousness as the newspaper. The commercial leans almost exclusively on innuendo without stating virtually anything about the product.

Southwark Council Anti-Gun - UK (03:46)

An intensely graphic ad designed to run in UK cinemas would never likely run on North American television. The PSA was made to address local concern about gun violence in Southern London.

Guinness - UK (04:43)

The importance of cultural context and regulation cannot be ignored in commercial production. Minor infractions can be significant enough for an otherwise innocuous ad to be censored. This Guinness beer ad falls directly into that category.

Tango - UK (02:43)

Where is the line drawn for allowing on-screen violence advertising a product with a client base largely represented by children? Tango found their ad banned in the UK after it was released.

Lynx Effect - Australia (02:08)

It's time to play, "You decide!" The audience is asked to choose whether or not this commercial for Lynx Effect body spray should be banned or not.

MTV - Argentina (03:12)

Ads created in foreign countries rarely get broadcast abroad, but could they? MTV Argentina created a sex-laden commercial that almost guarantees it won't be broadcast in North America.

Credits: Ad Persuasion - The Best Banned Commercials (01:01)

Credits: Ad Persuasion - The Best Banned Commercials

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Canadian series Ad Persuasion brings the best banned commercials from around the world.  Both great and notorious banned ads can win their ousting by being too racy, too violent, or even for just not reading the fine print closely enough.

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